Frequently Asked Questions

About The Project

The S.T.I.M. Project is a non-profit organization with the sole objective of providing Sensory Tools (S.T.) and Informational Materials (I.M.) directly to autistics who need them at no cost. S.T.I.M. stands for the two things we provide: Sensory Tools and Informational Materials.

Our team believes that autistic individuals are the greatest experts that exist on the autistic experience and we know that we are often overlooked by other organizations.  We firmly support the mantra that there should be "nothing about us, without us."

For more information about our values and priorities visit our about page.

Our team is aware of the ongoing debate in both the autism community and the disability community more broadly about what type of language should be used and we respect that there are a variety of well-founded experiences and opinions driving individual preferences in this debate. We want to be transparent about how The S.T.I.M. Project has made our language choices and why we have done so.

The S.T.I.M. Project uses both identity-first (autistic/autistic people) and person first (person with autism/people with autism) language interchangeably. They are never used with the intent of harm, offense, or personal attack.

Current research shows that on average people with an ASD diagnosis prefer identity-first language over person-first language with recent studies showing this preference to be the case for between 82-87% of autistics [Source | Source]. Research also shows that 9 out of 10 people with autism are more likely to use resources that use identity-first language and that the same preferences are generally held among the majority of parents, siblings/relatives, autism professionals, and educators [Source].

We recognize that there is no universal label or term that can be used to refer to our community in a way that pleases everyone. This is true even among our team members who have varied personal preferences about language use. We hope that everyone understands that regardless of the language we use to refer to our community, we never intend harm or offense. While we will generally use identity-first and person-first language interchangeably, we will always be respectful of any indicated language preferences of an individual when talking with or about them.

About The S.T.I.M. Packs

Each S.T.I.M. Pack contains over $300 worth of tools and materials which are provided at no cost to autistics in need.

You can learn more about the tools and materials we provide and the specific benefits they provide autistic individuals on our S.T.I.M. Pack page.

Unfortunately, no. At this time we don't have the capacity to guarantee customized requests for S.T.I.M. Pack contents.

If you have specific concerns about any of the items we include in our packs for yourself or someone you care for please contact us directly to discuss your needs at

No. While we understand that many of the tools we provide can benefit a variety of individuals, the S.T.I.M. Project is an autistic run project focused on supporting under-served needs in the autistic community.


All autistics over the age of 5 who are unable to access the tools and materials we provide due to personal or familial monetary constraints are eligible.

S.T.I.M. Packs are only available to autistics over the age of 5 to ensure that the recipients of our packs are of an appropriate age to use the tools we provide as independently and safely as possible.

For similar reasons, loop earplugs and stimagz are only provided in S.T.I.M. Packs for autistics over the age of 14.

Regardless of age, we always recommend that autistic individuals and their caregivers consider what tools are appropriate and safe for them.

The S.T.I.M. Project cannot be held liable for harm caused by improper or unsafe use of the tools we provide.


All autistics over the age of 5 who are unable to access the tools and materials we provide due to personal or familial monetary constraints are eligible regardless of when they were diagnosed.

We are still finalizing the application process for S.T.I.M. Packs as we are working hard to ensure that it is accessible as possible. As soon as we know what information and materials you'll need to apply for a Pack we will post them here.

At this time S.T.I.M. Packs are not available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing the contents of our packs you can find many of the tools and books we provide in The S.T.I.M. Packs as well as other tools our team recommends on our S.T.I.M. Store page.

All earnings from purchases made using these links/codes will go directly towards the distribution of S.T.I.M. Packs and other tools and materials to autistics in need.

Unfortunately at this time we are only able to distribute S.T.I.M. Packs within the United States.

We are open to expanding the project to other countries in the future but during this startup stage we are focusing our work domestically.

Have a question that isn’t answered here? You can email us directly at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.