Get Involved With The S.T.I.M. Project

Join The Autistic Advocacy Team

The S.T.I.M. project is committed to always being an autistic-led organization. Our Autistic Advocacy Team is comprised entirely of autistic individuals who are committed to prioritizing the representation and needs of the autism community in all of our projects. 

We recognize that autism is an infinite spectrum and that the experiences of one autistic individual will never be identical to the experiences of another. We also recognize that the voices of autistic individuals are often not the voices centered in conversations about autism. We are committed to elevating the voices of autistics across the spectrum.

We invite individuals with a variety of experiences, skills, and support needs to join our teams to help us incorporate as wide a variety of autistic experiences as possible in our work.

Cartoon of an individual holding a sign that reads "For Caregivers and Professionals"

Join The Caregiver Consultation Group

The S.T.I.M. project is committed to elevating the voices and experiences of autistic individuals across the spectrum and we recognize that caregivers of and professionals who work with autistic individuals with high support needs and children are bring unique knowledge and experiences that are critical to achieving this goal. 

We invite individuals who are caregivers for or professionals who work with autistic individuals – especially those who are unable to participate in our autistic advocacy team themselves – to join us to help incorporate autistic experiences and knowledge that would otherwise be absent from our work.

The Caregiver Consultation Group is open to membership requests while we finalize our moderation team. Requests made during this time will be reviewed when the group opens for discussion.

Other Ways To Support The S.T.I.M. Project


Help give autistic individuals and their families who otherwise can’t afford them life-changing sensory tools and informational materials by donating directly to The S.T.I.M. Project.


Support The S.T.I.M. Project through our online merchandise shop! All proceeds from our shop will go directly towards the distribution of S.T.I.M. Packs and other tools and materials to autistics in need.


We are on social media (though our pages are a bit bare at the moment)! Follow us to make sure you’re ready to share as soon as we’re up and running.