The S.T.I.M. Project is committed to always being an autistic-led organization. Our team is comprised entirely of autistic individuals who are committed to prioritizing the representation and needs of the autism community in all of our projects. We include individuals with a variety of experiences, skills, and support needs in our teams to help us incorporate as wide a variety of autistic experiences as possible in our work. Our budget will always prioritize helping as many autistic people as possible. We are committed to ensuring that the majority of our budget is used to directly benefit autistic individuals. Our primary goal is, and always will be, to provide tools and information to autistic people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them at no cost to them. The tools we provide are ones that our team uses ourselves that we know are high quality and provide different kinds of sensory support. We all have autism, and these are tools that help us. Similarly, the informational materials we provide are all written by autistic people for autistic people, and they provide valuable perspectives and information that is often overlooked or ignored by organizations run by non-autistic individuals. Sensory Tools & Informational Materials A non-profit that gives autistic individuals who otherwise can't afford them life-changing What You Need To Know About Our Team Is Autistic Over 70% Of Our Budget Goes Directly To Autistics In Need We Know The Importance of The Tools & Materials We Provide We Need Your Help! % As a new non-profit we need your help reaching as many people as possible to make our goals a reality. DONATE SHOP SHARE Three Ways To Support The S.T.I.M. Project

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About The S.T.I.M. Project

Inspired by the help she received when moving into her first apartment from her followers on TikTok, Nicole Parish pitched the idea of finding a way to get free autism sensory kits to autistics who couldn’t afford sensory tools on their own. Over a year later Mandi Eatough, then at the end of her graduate studies, was looking for a new project to work on after she graduated when she remembered this same video. It was shortly after this that The S.T.I.M. Project was founded.

The S.T.I.M. Project is an autistic led non-profit organization with the sole objective of providing Sensory Tools (S.T.) and Informational Materials (I.M.) directly to autistic people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them at no cost to them.

About The S.T.I.M. Packs

An autism diagnosis can be extremely overwhelming and expensive. Some of the things that help many autistics are sensory tools that help to manage/prevent overstimulation which can lead to meltdowns and shutdowns. Many autistics who need these tools don’t have the financial resources needed to get these tools on their own.

That’s where our S.T.I.M. packs come in!

Each S.T.I.M. Pack contains over $300 worth of tools and materials which are provided at no cost to autistics in need.

The S.T.I.M. Project Executive Team Member Bios

Mandi Eatough – Founder & Director of Operations

Mandi (she/her) is a disability advocate, writer, and analytic researcher. She will soon complete her master’s degree in political science with a specialization in disability politics. Her special interests include disability rights and politics, storytelling, and theatrical performance.

Nicole Parish – Founder & Director of Community Outreach

Nicole (she/her) is a disability advocate. She has been sharing her experiences with disability online with her 2.7M followers on her TikTok @soundoftheforest for the past two years. Her special interest is in entomology and art.

George Fearing – Director of Advocacy

George Fearing (He/They) is an educator, author, and storyteller. He studied psychology at the University of Washington before spending several years working as an instructor and paraeducator. George’s special interests include ethology, the ocean, tabletop role-playing games, and the written word.

Riley Kalt – Director of Development

Riley (all pronouns) is a social media creator focused on disability advocacy and spreading autistic joy on their account (@sourpatchriley). Her special interests include animated media, psychology, and video games like Minecraft and The Sims 4.

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